Quality and details

How we do it

To give everyone access to high quality customized furniture, we have developed a software that connects our customers with digital fabrication. Custo eliminates expensive shop rental, warehousing and shipping costs. Our online tool lets you customize the dimensions of your furniture piece and combine colors to match your design requirements.

By having instant visuals and pricing you don’t need to look for a carpenter and wait for their visuals and pricing. Our tool has built in dimensions and restrictions to make sure your design is achievable and safe.

Since we have less waste and lower risk, we work with a lower mark-up and we can use the best materials and workshops to bring you beautiful, optimized furniture that's built to last.


We never sell the same piece twice! We offer consistent designs and details.

Solid Birch Plywood

Our customers love Baltic Birch because it is strong, durable with a light warm Scandinavian look. With 13 Fine layers of Baltic Birch ply with its elegant wood grain, your custo cabinet or bookshelf will spark joy every time you set your eyes upon it.

European Particle Board

At custo, we only use high quality particle board made in Europe from sustainably sourced materials, it is a strong engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips with matching color edge.


A minimalistic finger handle brings a touch of elegance to your design, made from anodized aluminium for low maintenance. We use the same handles on the doors and our drawer boxes for consistency. If you like different handles do give us a call or connect with us on whatsapp.


If you prefer to hide your clutter and have a more simplistic look you can and add some doors. Depending on the door size we add additional hinges to make sure that the doors are hung securely. The hinges are made in Germany and soft-closing.


Our subtle adjustable feet helps you level your furniture to be more stable on uneven flooring. If you don’t want them you can simply unscrew them without the need of any tools.


Our joints are made such that the furniture can easily be dismantled with a standard allen or hex key, all hidden behind a cap, keeping the furniture flat packed when you move home.

Furniture to fit your lifestyle — not the other way around

Customer Reviews

customers are already trusting and using Custo to make their own custom furniture.

“This is truly a customer centric approach”


We have been looking for a cabinet that will fit a little corner of our newly renovated house but having difficulty to find a suitable one until we found Custo. The flexibility to customize the dimension including the internal configuration is something that fits the need while keeping the cost in check. If you are looking for a solution, look for Custo. The team are very attentive in your needs. This is truly a customer centric approach. Fully recommend!!!

“I wanted it to fit the tight space next to the door”


It’s a shoe cabinet and I wanted it to fit the tight space next to the door. I chose black because most of my carpentry is black and blue so it kinda fits.

"a job well done!"


I have engaged [custo] to fix up a shoe cabinet although I had problem using [their] online system to customise measurement and dimension according to my own specification, but [they] are quick to respond and in the end all sorted out the good old fashion way. The product is fantastic and minor defects were repaired/replaced promptly. No major drama and a job well done! Won’t hesitate to recommend [custo's] service and product to my friends and family.

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