Our Values

We strive to inspire people everywhere to surround themselves with furniture
that’s every bit as unique as they are.


CUSTO was launched in 2018 by our founders who were in need of sustainable, customised furniture to help them improve their home in a simple, affordable way.

With international experience in carpentry and architecture, Camiel started CUSTO for his young family to make the most of their home. Camiel and his family want to share this possibility with everyone.


To give everyone access to high quality, customised furniture, we developed a software that connects our customers with digital fabrication. CUSTO eliminates expensive shop rental, warehousing and shipping costs. Our online tool lets you customise the dimensions of your furniture piece and combine colors to match your design requirements.

By having instant visuals and presenting honest pricing you don’t need to look for a carpenter and wait for their visuals and prices. Our tool has built-in dimensions and restrictions to make sure your design is achievable and safe.

We use the best materials and workshops to bring you beautiful, optimized furniture that's built to last.